The Musico engine:
an AI composer

Musico's engines are where the magic happens.
Thanks to combinatory algorithms and machine learning,
our family of engines can generate music in a variety of genres in real time.

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Musico's engines can be guided by and react in real time to unlimited input strategies.

Automatic & unlimited

Musico is fully algorithmically generative, and can create endless streams of music.

Rights free

The music that Musico writes is copyright-free, and not referable to existing music.

How it works

To get some insight into how we apply machine learning,
you can read our paper on generating drum tracks with deep learning here. This method is applied in our app IMPRO (ai-generative mode).

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Musico in your technology

Our versatile technology allows musicians, media developers and artists to access an advanced music generation platform in the unique way that fits their creative needs

Contact us if you're interested in learning more on the ways Musico could be integrated in your own technology, business or practice.

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