MUSICO offers professional Automatic Music Services for companies who believe to be not properly and promptly served by standard music production practices.

–  among others,

Traditional Media and the Interactive Media sectors (such as Game Design and pro / consumer Digital Movie Production),
the Sport Industry,  the Marketing and Communication sector,  the Music Software Industry.


MUSICO     is

ADAPTIVE – guided by and reacting in realtime to unlimited input strategies
AUTOMATIC and TIME-UNLIMITED – fully algorithmically generative, endless streams of music
RIGHTS-FREE – non-referable to existing music

The 3 advantages offer creative strategies to generate new music paradigms and genres and even assist future music practices with real time and offline AI methodologies to drastically challenge the intelligence of the overall music technology


We develop software that generates music in real-time.

This allows our music generators to respond instantaneously: as data comes in, different compositional decisions are taken and the music changes. Data could come from the user, in the form of conscious decisions (commands) or biometric data (like movement and heartbeat). It could also come from the environment, be it a physical environment, through sensors measuring quantities like temperature and light intensity, or a virtual environment, through data streams coming from other applications.


Artificial Intelligence is the main ingredient of our technology.

We combine methods and techniques from classical AI, where musical knowledge is made explicit and formalized in logical rules, with methods and techniques from cutting edge AI, where deep learning techniques are applied to carefully curated sets of musical examples to obtain neural networks that can generate new musical patterns in the vein of the examples.


MUSICO presented at “Celebrating IMAGINARY_In touch with Mathematics” – Volkswagen Forum, Berlin, 4 May 2017 – its AI Generative music engines, performing 2 live sets: the first, fully autonomously generative; the second, a live interaction between human performers and a realtime AI-based music generator.

Our current contribution to the formalisation of music genres, their logical implementation in automatic tasks and the design of assistive strategies to reinforce human capacity to create unlimited new music forms, well represents MUSICO’s commitment to a wide methodological and operational AI-awareness, at the early stage of a flourishing season.



MUSICO’s generative music engine for SPORT (

MUSICFIT  is a coming-out-soon APP-Prototype to demonstrate the potential of our generative music technology in Sport.

Some key points and related Media

– Working out to music positively influences your mood and emotions, reduces exhaustion and raises the levels of endurance, power and strength. Musicfit generate music in perfect SYNCH with your pace.

– MusicFit generates music on the spot. The music you hear is composed and performed by the APP. running on your phone while you are working out.

– MusicFit guides you through your workout schedule by giving musical directions depending on your actual performance

The video excerpts are extracted from a Musicfit live-set session.

In the Musicfit App for mobile devices – a Drum&Bass Test App will be released in early early May 2017 – the BPM and related formal changes in the music structure are controlled in realtime by pace detection.

125 BPM_random excerpt_November 2016

127 BPM_random excerpt_November 2016

138 BPM_random excerpt_November 2016




Pro-music production

Music production today is getting very limited in style and expression, and the same we can widely say for public music taste and preferences.

A global music market that tends to play the same recognizable music everywhere, and it’s compressing and saturating popular music features at high speed…


The crisis of music, a distribution crisis, a linguistic crisis

In the age of Bluetooth and mp3, with the high-fidelity industry collapse – and no real improvement in architectural acoustics and sound space diffusion – it’s with great difficulty that we can justify investments in music research and new music scouting. Digital music has been able to simplify the distribution of music: but both Downloading and the Access models find a fierce bottleneck in licensing costs; on the other hand the music industry claims no real resources for (new)music and musicians, once pirating and hacking attitudes dethrone music industries from the role of margins collector for it’s highly structured (and yearly unfair) business model. This shapes a music world where generating new genres and exploring new horizons is getting more and more difficult and less and less remunerative.
We propose a proprietary Generative Music technology as an advanced and significant improvement of music languages and a real game-changing perspective for music distribution and usage.
Our use of machine intelligence and machine learning implies that our Generative Music is rights-free, and this is not all. MUSICO will be a potential Assistive Composer for all kind of musicians in order to support their artistic skills and free horizons.

We care for music vitality

With MUSICO we lay the first stone of a real music innovation


1 July 2018
Time to exercise (or free) your music skills, whether you are a musician or not. IMPRO is a limitless Automatic-Composer at your service, waiting for your Live Mixing to make the Generative Music flow Your-Instant-Music
IMPRO lets anyone intuitively control the Generative Music engine, integrating into our engines different AI and Music cultures. 
You can say IMPRO is a new-musical-instrument.
No matter what goes on inside the machine the goal is to democratize making music, making it easier to even compose new music! 
At the same time, we aim to help different industries to explore the potential of Automatic Music and all its interactions with professional and non-professional users. 
So, now start fantasizing about all our BtoB services (…).
Give us your feedback and get ready for Pro-features, available in the next couple of weeks.  If you want to become an Impro backer, just reach us out.

Musico @ Apple Developer Academy, Naples (Ita) 
27 March 2018
Happy and proud to share with the amazing community of Apple’s Developer Academy in Naples our technologies, current, imminent, future.
Here are some pictures of Lorenzo Brusci and Marco Bertola presenting Musico’s AI music tools.

3 January 2018
We are proud to announce that the MUSICFIT App – –  is now available in the Apple Store.
Thanks to our community of testers we finally brought Musicfit to the Apple Store – so far for iOs only.
We now share with a wider community our state of the art in generative and real-time music making for mobile phones. 
The App generates music in real-time, adapting the music generation to the pace of your movement.
Use it, counter-share your thoughts and comments, help us to grow the combination of AI Music and life.
With your support, more extensive biometrics will be included in the next releases in order to make Musicfit fully monitor your performance and health-being. We look forward to adding more music genres and a wider variety of optimised sound sets. Stay tuned!
MUSICFIT is free to use, so: give feedbacks, feedbacks, feedbacks and share it with your networks!
ps. the tutorial! TUTORIAL_MUSICFIT

July 24, 2017
The full music version of the Musico Sports demonstrator App for iOS is now available in TestFlight.
It generates music in four genres: Electro, Techno, IDM and Lounge. Its first application is foreseen in  MUSICFIT
Generation happens in real-time and reacts to the data coming from the movement sensors on your phone. Hence, you can use it in your workout to generate music in sync with your movements.

May 4th, 2017
MUSICO  @ Celebration of  “IMAGINARY_In contact with mathematics”
Financial Drive, Volkswagen Group Forum, Berlin.
Musico is Excited to announce the live presentation of its algorithmic music engines, in  2 live sets:
the first, fully autonomously generative;
the second, a live interaction between human performers and a real-time AI-based music generator.
The stage was the celebration of IMAGINARY’s exhibition “In touch with mathematics”, at the Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin.
Our current contribution to the formalization of music genres, their logical implementation in automatic tasks and the design of assistive strategies to reinforce human capacity to create unlimited new music forms, well represents MUSICO’s commitment to a wide methodological and operational AI-awareness, at the early stage of a flourishing season.




APRIL 2017  

A first  MUSICO  Test-Flight App for IOS will be shared with the Sport (and tech-lovers) community.

The Music is generated on your device, in real-time, in perfect synch with your pace.

_ generative music content:   Drum&Bass

_suggested use:   synchronicity test Music/Pace while jogging

_please, feedback and share comments; at the end of July the Musico Test-Flight APP for SPORT – MUSICFIT – will be available, featuring a wide set of instruments and personalizing feats!



A multi-disciplinary team of professionals committed to exploring the technology and social potential of AI generative and highly responsive music making. Based on extensive experience in interactive and environmental sound art and industrial development of new music technologies, our journey’s next step is real-time music generation and AI generative Music.


Marco Bertola


Marco Liuni


Extended Team: Advisors and Operative Partners

Paolo Frasconi
Professor of Computer Science at Florence University
Expert in the area of machine learning, with particular emphasis on algorithms for structured and relational data, learning with logical representations and applications to bioinformatics.

Janosch Lenzi
Strategy and Planning expert, with a background in theoretical physics.  Innovation designer, entrepreneur, and PM with over 10 years of experience in creating and selling Web, Cloud and Mobile projects and products. CEO of, constantly exploring the new frontiers of digital marketing. Co-Founder of MEEDJ, a popular Windows Mobile App.

Wojtek Friediger
Sales manager with a legal background (LLM). Specialist in building sales structures and nurturing clients relations. Experienced with drive business growth through insights on new product and service. Familiar with contract and corporate law matters.

Alessandro Tibo
Ph.D. candidate in Smart Computing at Florence University
Expert in machine learning and program developer of application for iOS and Android, Java and Swift developer.

Francesco Tordini
Ph.D.,  Knowledge Broker, Research Development Officer at CIRMMT, McGill University. Research in sound perception and modeling, sonification, sound systems design, R&D project management.



Stay Tuned. This website monitors our Automatic Music researches and applications in several music-related domains. Apps and Updates are coming soon!